Please note that we have updated our online banking portal, to include our new brand’s look and feel. Please continue to enjoy your usual service, and we will notify you if there are any further changes.

What is NAFURA?

The FAB Automated File Upload, Retrieval and Approval ("NAFURA") System was created to provide a secure and standardised method of transferring files from the customer's systems to the Bank's systems for processing. Files of any format can be transferred this way as long as the format is consistent and can be understood by FAB. Typically, these files contain transactions such as fund transfers, payments, remittances or payroll credits.


Dear Valued Customer,

Following our previous communication on the planned unification of FABs IT systems we are pleased to update you that the NAFURA web portal will function as is with minimal changes post systems unification. There will be a few changes in the way the channel operates which are listed below. You will continue to use your existing login id and password and access the portal using the same URL which you currently use. These changes will go into effect on Tuesday Dec 4th 2018:

New Account Numbers

  1. As previously notified if you are an NBAD customer you will receive a new account number and a new IBAN.
  2. NAFURA is designed to handle both old and new account numbers and old IBAN. Therefore you may continue to use your existing account numbers and old IBAN on the portals until further notice. We do encourage that you to switch to using the new account numbers as soon as possible.
  3. New Account Numbers will be displayed in the Account Inquiry Screens.
Domestic Transfers and within Bank Transfers
  1. Previously any transfers between NBAD and FGB and vis a versa were considered as Within UAE domestic transfers. Going forward these will be treated as Within Bank transfers.
  2. Therefore any beneficiaries that were added with FGB as the beneficiary bank in NAFURA have to be modified to select transfer type as Internal Payments.
  3. Beneficiary Bank Swift Code should be changed to NBADAEAA.
Salary Transfers (Non–WPS)
  1. For Non-WPS Salary transfers, please continue to provide IBAN numbers instead of 16 digits FAB Account Number until further notice.
Re Branding
  1. You will notice a few changes related to the new FAB branding.
Terms & Conditions
  1. For existing FAB customers, the General Terms and Conditions for Accounts and the Master Credit Card Conditions shall become effective on 27 December 2018.
Please contact your Relationship Manager or call our GTB Channels Support Team on 97126937778 if you have any questions or require further clarification.

Yours sincerely,

GTB Channels Team


NAFURA Auto-upload client program

The NAFURA client will monitor a preset folder for incoming files and if one is found, the auto-upload program will compress and encrypt each file prior to transferring it to FAB. The NAFURA client program can also be configured to retrieve files such as MT940/950 statements and advices from FAB in the same way

NAFURA Website

By logging on to NAFURA website the client can monitor and approve the uploaded transactions uploaded by automated client. Also NAFURA website offer a rich set of inquiry fuctionality on accounts and transations associated with those accounts.

Customers Support

 UAE: 600 566 223      International: +971 2 635 8001                                         

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