What is NAFURA?

The FAB Automated File Upload, Retrieval and Approval ("NAFURA") System was created to provide a secure and standardised method of transferring files from the customer's systems to the Bank's systems for processing. Files of any format can be transferred this way as long as the format is consistent and can be understood by FAB. Typically, these files contain transactions such as fund transfers, payments, remittances or payroll credits.


Dear Customer,

As part of First Abu Dhabi Bank’s (FAB’s) response to the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, we are writing to update you on the measures we have taken to mitigate against potential risks to our clients, employees and business.

Service continuity

Our mobile and online banking solutions are available to you at any time. All of our online banking channels, including iBanking, FABOnline and NAFURA, can continue to be accessed from work or from home locations using supported browsers, by users who already have access to these portals. Our Global Transaction Banking (GTB) channel support team and client services team are currently operating in a ‘business as usual’ (BAU) mode, and are available should you have any questions or issues with our portals.

If you are sending manual instructions via paper for any other services, we strongly encourage you to begin using our online services as these are available 24/7, and can be securely accessed from work, or from home. They offer a very convenient way to transact with FAB, especially in the event that you need to work-from-home to practice social distancing and avoid the spread of COVID-19 during these challenging times. Our online channel support team is available to fast track channel implementation to help our clients in this situation. Please contact tbchannel.support@bankfab.com or call +971 2 692 0766 if you wish to speak to a member of our online channel support team.

Staying connected, together

Our team is actively monitoring the global health situation, and during this difficult time, we are putting all our efforts into supporting our clients and ensuring service continuity.

You can continue to keep up to date about how we are responding to COVID-19 by visiting us at https://www.bankfab.com/en-ae/updates

Kind regards,
First Abu Dhabi Bank

NAFURA Auto-upload client program

The NAFURA client will monitor a preset folder for incoming files and if one is found, the auto-upload program will compress and encrypt each file prior to transferring it to FAB. The NAFURA client program can also be configured to retrieve files such as MT940/950 statements and advices from FAB in the same way

NAFURA Website

By logging on to NAFURA website the client can monitor and approve the uploaded transactions uploaded by automated client. Also NAFURA website offer a rich set of inquiry fuctionality on accounts and transations associated with those accounts.

Customer Support

 UAE: 600 566 223                                         nafura@bankfab.com          International: +971 2 635 8001